Archive of Tekoşîna Anarşîst // Anarchist Struggle


This blog gathers different public materials from Têkoşîna Anarşist / Anarchist Struggle to archive.
This blog has been set up only for documentation. It was created with the permission of TA, collecting and storing various media materials that had been previously published. It is not organically connected to the work that Tekoşîna Anarşîst is doing.

This blog gathers statements made by Tekoşîna Anarşîst, as well as interviews which were given to other collectives, organizations and media projects. It also provides gallery of audiovisual materials, including videos, podcasts and pictures.
This blog is honored to gather materials that are connected to the memory of Şehîd members of TA – comrades who fell while participating in people’s self-defense and engaging in revolutionary militant struggle.

Şehîd namirin. Martyrs never die.

Archive of revolutionary anarchist collective working in NE Syria with a focus on people's self-defense